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Catherine Ferreira-Babor, Psy.D.
Therapy for Adults, Teens, and Couples

Walnut Creek, CA Therapist

Catherine Ferreira-Babor, Psy.D.

2930 Camino Diablo, Suite 305B
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
1806 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA 94703

[email protected]

I enjoy working with teenagers. It’s an exciting time of life but it can also be a painful one. As an adult it’s easy to say that these should be wonderful years and it often doesn’t make sense when a teenager we love doesn’t seem to enjoy them as much as we think that they should. Or we worry when they don’t take life and responsibility as seriously as we think they should. It’s easy for us to feel upset when our teens don’t see the long term impact of their behaviors but we don’t know how to teach them lessons that come only through the act of living through them.

Working with teens to help them find their own voice, a voice that guides them through the many serious and not-so-serious decisions they are increasingly faced with is something I enjoy and something that I find morally appealing. The sooner a teenager finds his/her “sense of self”, the sooner they will be able to make intelligent decisions. If a teenager has suffered as a child, through divorce, parental substance abuse, family conflict, or abuse finding their way through these phases is even more difficult.


If you are a parent looking for help for your teenager please know that I am able to both respect your fears and wishes while also listen to your child’s individuality. I won’t impose myself on them but I will help them see the risk and rewards of their behaviors – helping them make their own choices based on a realistic assessment of situations.


If you are a teenager looking for a place where you might feel understood, please call and give therapy a chance. Being understood and feeling loved and appreciated are experiences that you deserve.